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HippieJay's Kitchen : "Cookin' With Weed"

Pot Butter

Pot Butter
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Why Pot Butter?

Cooking with pot butter allows you the freedom to eat your weed without biting into any stems and seeds. Why would you spend so much time cooking a desert just to have it ruined by the suspended scraps of weed? By following the recipes on  this page, you will be able to create one batch of pot butter  to be used in any recipe you like. You can use the recipes I have given or create your own, but the key is to have fun.

Cannabis butter the easy way


1 lb of butter (real butter)
1 oz of pot


Melt the butter in a sauce pan to boiling.
Add the pot and let boil until the butter
has turned green from the pot.
Pour butter through a strainer to remove all
the pieces of pot.
Chill until solid.

How to Make - Pot Butter

1) Using a double boiler or two pots, melt the butter on low heat. When using two pots, fill the larger (bottom) pot with water and the top pot with butter.

 2) Once the butter has melted, add the weed. The amount of weed will determine the potency. For example, a "light" batch may use 3/4 of an ounce of weed to 5 sticks of butter.

3) Simmer for 20-30 minutes stirring every 5 minutes.

4) Let sit for 5 minutes then strain the pot butter (using cheesecloth) into a small bowl

5) Once cool enough to handle, pick up the cheesecloth and squeeze out the juice.

6) Cover and refrigerate until semi-solid.

Option 2 & 3

Making Bud Butter

Melt a pound of butter in a pan. Mix 60-70 or more grams (2 or more ounces) of thoroughly sifted pot in to the butter. Let it boil carefully a couple of minutes until the butter has gotten a green color from the grass.

Then squeeze the butter through a fine strainer. While you use the strainer, keep the leaves away in a corner of the pan by using a spoon. Squeeze hard to get out as much of the butter as possible.

[The cooking time has varied from a couple of minutes, as above, to 10-15 minutes. 10 minutes works fine for my friends.]

If you don't want any remaining leaves in the butter, you can strain it through some muslin. A problem concerning this is that you will loose some butter in the muslin.

Don't throw the leaves, they still may contain viable THC. The leaves can be cooked in milk or vodka and become a tasty and effective drink.

Hot milk or vodka might also be poured through the muslin, thereby saving some of the hashish butter. You can fry more leaves in the same butter in you want to increase its strength.

[General word on the street is that the bud left over after the extraction is worthless and should be thrown away... I left the comment in the recipe because boiling the used pot in milk really* does taste good.]

A simpler and stronger version of the cannabis butter (or ghee)... by mixing melted butter with hashish or hashish oil instead of pot. It is not necessary to fry this as long as in the case with the pot.

Just warm it up and mix it until the hashish or hashish oil is dissolved in the butter. You can put as much hashish (or hashish oil) into it as you want. Another plus is that there are no remaining leaves with THC to worry about

.Blue Collar Butter

You will need approximately one ounce of material (flowers not leaves), a crock pot, a one stick of butter and a piece of cheesecloth.

Let the material completely air dry until easily crumbled. Turn on crock pot (low setting if adjustable) and melt the stick of butter inside. Crush the material into the melted butter and stir to saturate thoroughly.

Cover crock pot with lid, and leave on low for 24 hours, stirring the material/butter mixture a few times. After 24 hours, strain the butter through cheesecloth, collecting in a jar, squeezing the last of the butter from the material by hand.

The collected butter can now be used in any recipe which calls for a stick of butter... or even spread by itself on bread or toast.

Cannabis butter with hashish or hash oil
(simple and stronger)


Butter (real butter)
Hashish or hash oil


A simpler and stronger version of the cannabis butter is to mix melted butter with hashish or hash oil instead of pot.
It is not necessary to fry this as long as using pot.
Just warm it up, mixing until the hash or hash oil is dissolved in the butter.

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