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HippieJay's Kitchen : "Cookin' With Weed"

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Yeap , I Even Got Yer Beverages Covered !!!!

Cannabis Vodka


1/4 oz. of stockpiled cannabis stems from breaking up buds.
Vodka (any kind should do)
Glass container

Place all stockpiled stems in a jar. Pour in your vodka, just enough to fully submerge the stems. Let set in a dark place for about a week. After that, you will need to strain out the stems. A great trick is to make tea type bags out of coffee filters and stems for easy removal.

Why this works: Stems contain a small amout of THC, but not really enough to be worth smoking. Compiling enough stems together and soaking them in vodka releases the THC into the vodka without messing with the nasty smoke. This is great because most people throw their stems away anyway.

Green Dragon: ( When Makin this For Fucks Sake Be Careful!!! My Buddy Mike Back In Chicago Used to Make This And WOW Good Stuff!!!)

Green Dragon is one of the most popular weed drinks. Drinking bud will give you the same effect as eating it. Take a bottle of 190 proof grain alcohol and put it in a pot on an ELECTRIC stove. Heat it to sub-boiling and then add marijuana (standard ratio: 1/2 gram per ounce of liquor).Let it sit at sub-boiling for 20 minutes or so and then drain it out.

This produces a green-tinted alcohol known as "Green Dragon", which can be drunk straight (painful) or put in a drink. A popular drink using Green Dragon is 1 oz. Green Dragon and 7-Up served over ice with a little bit of honey and FRESH Mint

Cannabis & Coffee


A pot of good coffee

1 teaspoon of finely-powdered straight Arabian mocha/cup

A pinch of powdered cardamom seed

0.5 g of pulverized hashish

1 teaspoon of honey

Place the mocha, cardamom and hashish in a Turkish coffee pot. Pour the coffee. Heat the Turkish pot on a low flame until it threatens to bubble over. Remove it from the heat immediately.

Serve in demitasse or espresso cups with a small spoon. Dissolve in the honey. The coffee is sipped from the top and the powdered mocha, honey and whatever is eaten like a candy from the bottom with a spoon

Hash Cream Coffee

Milk (2 Cups)
Cream (Half Cup)
Coffee (3 teaspoons)
Sugar (5 teaspoons)
Ground Hash

Heat the milk and cream slowly until boiling, add the ground hash and simmer for 15 mins, microwave for 5 mins (this helps the rest of the undissolved hash dissolve) add coffe and microwave for a further 30 seconds, add sugar and enjoy.

Butterball Coffee

Stir into a cup of coffee one or more teaspoons of strongly concentrated cannabutter.

Hash Oil and Coffee

Several drops of hash oil can be dissolved in a hot cup of coffee with cream added.

Hot Buttered Bhang (if you make only one of these drinks make this one!!! Its Sooooo Damn Yummy!!! , HippieJay)


1/2 stick butter (REAL butter)

1/3 oz pot

8 oz vodka


Melt the butter in a sauce pan.

Add the pot and when the butter is melted

and let sizzle over medium heat for 1 minute.

Pour in vodka swiftly (be careful of

splatter) and cook 30 more seconds.

Strain the liquids and save the pot mash

for another round.

Makes two 4 oz servings

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